What is Different About Web 2.0 Design?

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The whole concept of a second generation of the Internet has led some people to wonder just what type of applications could properly be included as part of Web 2.0 design. Here are some suggestions of enhanced services or innovations that have appeared in recent years and become part of what many believe is the foundation for the next level of the World Wide Web.

Part of the changing face of the Internet has been enhanced by the creation of web logs, or blogs as they are known. Blogs have become ways for persons to not only have a site that is their own personal soapbox, but also can often be a means of generating extra money. With the use of adword technology as a means of allowing ads to be displayed on the blog, the owner picks up ad revenue for any clicks through to the originator of the ads. Also, blog owners often use their space to offer their own electronic products, which makes the idea of a blog even more of a money maker.

Auction sites are also considered an integral part of the new landscape. From their early days as a means of allowing people to clean out their closets, the auction sites of today now offer people the option of setting up an online store, as well as the ability to buy or sell high priced items such as homes and cars. As an example of Web 2.0 design, the auction site is a classic. There is no doubt that auction sites have evolved, or that their presence on the Internet has changed the way consumers shop.

There are a number of business models, social networks, and other innovations that have certainly changed the Internet a great deal since its inception. Many of theses newer applications form the basis of the Web 2.0 concept. Look around online and see what you can find that is used daily today, but was not even available ten or fifteen years ago. Chances are you will have identified an element that is truly part of the essential Web 2.0 design.

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